Wednesday, May 18, 2011


In response to the question that will never have a satisfactory answer:

So early on, the only satisfactory answer to Why? -- and the even more self-centered Why Me? -- became Why Not? How could I have thought that tragedy was reserved only for others? That I was somehow special? Happiness and I had enjoyed a long run. I knew that. I just wasn't special anymore.

No, the question that pierces my heart is not Why Me? but Why my child? That's harder. That's much, much harder. That requires much deeper thought.

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  1. I have asked that question too, about a million times. Why would a loving God hurt our family in this way? What did I do to bring this pain into my life? What did my son do to deserve this? I realized that God loves us and that He didn't DO this. I believe that Eric's death is part of a larger plan and perhaps even Eric knew about it before he came into this world. I believe we come from spirit and return to spirit. We come here to experience and learn and to grow our souls. I will never be okay with the loss of Eric. I can only hope someday to have the answer to that question when my time comes to join him. This question that you posed is one of the most important for grieving families to consider, yet the toughest. Thanks for sharing the articles on your blog and for your facebook page. It has helped me search for my own answers. -Tiffany

  2. Faith requires unanswered questions otherwise we would not have faith. Because of Jesus precious sacrifice at the cross, I will be united with my son for eternity as we both accepted Him as our Lord and Savior. I can deal with 20--30 plus years without my son here to receiving eternity with Him. I'll take those figures anyday. And by the way, my son was never really mine, he was on loan from God Almighty to me and my husband. He belonged to God all along. I thank God that I was able to have a son as so many cannot. Patty S.