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A resource for grieving parents and family members.

The death of a child is characterized as the most devastating and profound sort of loss. It defies our interpretation of the cycle of life. It is the nightmare parents avoid thinking about..... because it is the unthinkable. But for many of us, the nightmare became reality.

Parents may find their entire belief system challenged after suffering such a blow. Shock, depression, and a feeling of wandering can become a constant companion; a companion we feel forced to hide. Society, significantly threatened by such a loss, may impose unrealistic expectations on grief-stricken parents. For this reason, bereaved parents may receive support early on, switching to expectations of 'healing' in only a few short months. For most bereaved parents, this is impossible.

The purpose of this site is to share resources, honesty, hope, and tools to 'help' along the path of grief. As a bereaved parent, it took many months before I even realized I was still in shock.

Articles here include a multitude of topics, including accounts from celebrities who have experienced the death of a child, interviews with grieving parents, the search for meaning, faith in all it's forms, connections to family and friends, how to help a bereaved parent, stages of grief, suggestions to help in making our way through the desert of loss, the search for hope, ....and more.

The 'Resources & Recommended Books" tab (top) gives a good overview of the blog as well as a list of books available at your local bookstore or on I have read a multitude of books and listed only a few that have 'spoken' to my heart.

Do parents ever get 'over' a trauma such as this? I don't think it is possible to get over it. We are forced to alter our path, yet the new path is so difficult to navigate. We must find our way. Though I'm often unsure how to preceed when darkness sneaks up on me, I know my daughter is watching. I ask myself what she would say.

Peace and blessings to you and your family as you travel this road.

Death of a Child: My Story

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