Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Mother's Connection

-Selected remarks made by Sandy Wiltshire at the conclusion of her book, My Gift of Light. Her journey and search for meaning, after the loss of her daughter, was not only unique but interesting.

"In the book of life, every page has two sides; we human beings fill the upper side with our plans, hopes, and wishes, but providence writes on the other side, and what it ordains is seldom our goal.

Life after death will always remain a mystery to those on this side of the veil/heaven. I have learned, however,that connecting to loved ones who have crossed over to the other side can create hope at a time of greatest despair. The death of a loved one, especially the death of one of our children, forces us to search the depths of our souls for life's meaning. In the face of such devastating loss and heartache, we must devise new core values to live by.

As we search for answers, spirituality can provide a doorway to this understanding and to new hope. I know it changed my life, the way I view the world, as well as my belief system forever. (note: On her journey, Sandy learned/developed the ability to connect with her daughter. She ultimately became a medium and helps grieving parents connect with their children.)

We must confront our grief, learn how to move through it, and eventually embrace the truth that because of our loss, we are forever changed. We become so transformed by the work of grieving that we awaken to the fact that events or possessions that used to be important to us no longer are. Our once-ordered life is in chaos. As a result, we open ourselves to self-exploration.

The death of a child is a death out of the natural order. As Kim's mother, I obviously expected to die before she did. The emptiness, tortuous pain, and disillusionment with life that resulted felled me. As I have repeatedly said, the magnitude of my loss turned my entire life - and my belief system - upside down. Once the natural order had been torn apart, I had no choice but to discover a new way to look at the world - a way that would return me to well-being and, someday, happiness. I chose spirituality as one of the avenues to pursue, to make sense of this sudden and devastating loss.

I take comfort in knowing we never truly stop living and that what we on the earth plane call 'death' is anything but. My understanding is that we take our characteristics, habits, and memories with us. In spirit, we are free to develop our souls. We continue to grow, remember, and love - both here on earth as well as on the other side/heaven.

My wish is that by sharing my very personal journey with you, it will aid you on your own path as it twists and turns through your loss and grief. It takes a great deal of courage to find your way back into life. You will never be the way you were before, but you will learn to live with your loss and regain your abilities to function and be happy.

My I remind you to be gentle with yourself as you look for solace. You must allow yourself to express your feeling of grief. It is important to talk about your loss, your feelings of emptiness, your anger and pain. All these emotions are a normal part of the grieving process.

I believe that our children and other loved ones on the other side of life will help us to find our way if we allow them to. The bonds of love are never severed. Love is what enables and maintains the links between our two worlds."
-Excerpts taken from the book: My Gift Of Light by Sandy Wiltshire

Note from Marsha: I have read Sandy's book twice. The first time through (1 year ago) the whole idea of 'mediums' was an unusual thing for me. A lot has changed in my thinking since that time, hence I picked up the book again to read for a second time. This time many more things stood out for me. I am a Christian. I believe in this connection Sandy describes and have pursued it.

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