Thursday, January 13, 2011

Video Of A Mother's Journey Of Grief

Experiencing the death of your child is indescribable. This mother speaks about her journey after her son died in a mountain climbing accident.  A worthwhile listen...

The stages of grief can come in ripples, waves and Tsunamis.  Cynthia Seefahrt's story is heartfelt, intuitive, open, raw, honest and describes her attitude about the future.

If you get the chance to watch the video, Space Between Breaths (link to a clip),  it is good documentary. The lives of several families mourning the deaths of their children is documented; their outlooks, their journey, their faith or lack of it, their path for the future. The cause of death was different in all families; illness, suicide, and accident. If the documentary is not available at your library, you can order it at -Marsha Abbott

Visit A New Journey on Facebook. A resource and place of hope for grieving parents.

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  1. This mother has given me some very interesting things to think about. She honors herself and her son in the way she chooses to live her life, yet she is very measured in her speech. It is clear that certain things bring her close to tears. Her strength and dedication to the memory of her son and her willingness to 'live' inspite of her pain is so evident. Thank you for posting the link for Space Between Breaths. I have not seen that documentary and would like to get it. I appreciate these resources. -Mary