Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Tenderhearted Friend

There a untold earth angels roaming this world, in the form of old, new and renewed friends. Like a bell, tragedy signals action, and they lovingly respond.

Seasons of darkness descended upon my life
when my child died.

Cards arrived...
Services attended...
Flowers with lingering scents...
Alone to privately experience hell....
With outward smiles and 'buck-up' appearances...

I'm thankful for the friends...

Who look me up from a long ago past.
Who call for coffee dates and hugs.
Who can't imagine being in my shoes
....lending me their slippers of love.
Who don't find reasons to stay busy
....with their own lives, safe and secure.
Who remember my child.
....and take the time to share a memory.
Who have the courage to look at real loss.
Who show me the meaning of faith
....and demonstate in outreach.
Who don't feel the need to say something 'quotable'.
Who can imagine color turning to black and white.
Who know that laughter is a pathway to hope.
Who don't use my broken bleeding heart pin/post their blessings list.
Who know that we are all here for a reason
....our lives as friends were connected for a purpose.
Who don't put a time stamp on friendship
....and connect anyway.
Who share a recipe, joke, or tidbit of news
....just for the fun of it.
Whose tenderheart gives thanks that losing a child
....was NOT something that happened to them, yet
have a deep place in their soul that understands.
Who have patience and trust I will
....find a way to thank them.

Blessings to my tenderhearted friends and the friends of my child
....They possess a special gift.  -Marsha Abbott

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    Blessings to all bereaved parents as they try to navigate this dark journey and blessings to the friends and extended family who lovingly support them.
    -Marsha Abbott