Thursday, January 6, 2011

Soul Searching

While reading the book, Memories of the Afterlife, by Michael Newton, I was struck by the passage regarding our souls working together with God to come into this world with a purpose. Experiencing life in the earthly realm provides the opportunity to encounter struggle, make choices, and pursue a greater understanding of what our soul's work is all about. Whether we pursue it or just 'coast' is completely up to us.

Michael described a mother who sought to find comfort after the loss of her murdered son. She connected with her son (explained in the book) and learned that his passing was meant to create a shift in her thinking. Her son reminded her that they were both well aware of this agreed upon journey and heartache before either of them began their lives on earth. He also reminded her that he was waiting for her return to heaven and encouraged her to pray, meditate, and pursue her journey.

It was noted that when 'choosing' a life where the probability for an early death is high, souls aided by God's divine love, must consider carefully which family to choose. The patterns for learning can create a bridge that allows the souls of the chosen family to grow as well. It is often the anguish and most challenging parts of our lives which force us to question the plan for our life. In those moments of pain, it is difficult to make sense of events, to find meaning inside the anguish. And yet it is often the agony that drives us to fulfill the central purpose of our lives. In the afterlife, we are all joined together.

I paused and thought, "What? They agreed? She agreed?" It is written that as souls evolve, their challenges become greater. If my time to leave this earth arrived today, I would probably stomp my way into heaven demanding "Who's stupid idea was this anyway?"

Yet, somewhere deep inside me I feel drawn to know more. Religious text, spirituality and enlightenment all beckon me to... soul search.   -Marsha Abbott

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* Originally posted at Bereavement 4 Breakfast; June 30, 2010

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  1. I enjoyed this post! Your Molly started a ripple in my ocean of life. One that forced a change in my way of how I view this life and everyone who surrounds me in it. I'm growing and it's because of you and your daughter.