Thursday, January 6, 2011

Choking On Reality

Walk it off, walk it off. These thoughts go through my head early each morning as I lace up my walking shoes and head out the door. Climbing hills and breathing in the cool morning air help set the stage for the day ahead. Without it, the sadness and grief take root in my mind, securing a pretty powerful place.

Walking gives me time to say good morning to my lovely 19 year old daughter in heaven who was killed in an accident. I talk to God and ask him to continue showering her with his infinite light of love. Then I talk to myself like a coach, reminding myself that she would want me to find and share joy today. Just a little bit of joy, somewhere in the day. That pep talk accompanies me all the way back to the front door.

Entering the house I head to the kitchen and eat bereavement for breakfast. Yes, I can taste it. It is hard to swallow each morning.
-Marsha Flynn Abbott

*Marsha shares the innermost feelings of a bereaved parent, the journey of loss and the search for hope.  

* Originally posted at Bereavement 4 Breakfast; June 30, 2010
* Visit Facebook: A New Journey, for quotes, links, and articles of hope regarding the loss of a child.

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