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Part 1: Questions About Heaven And My Child

Part 1... of a three-part series with questions answered by a 'medium' about life in heaven. I often receive emails (at A New Journey) asking if I believe in mediums and/or if I would share information I find regarding mediums. This is the beginning of several articles on the subject. The following questions and answers are written by Concetta Bertoldi, author and medium....

Yes, the Other
Side is heaven. I don't usually use that term. I'm more likely to say paradise or just the Other Side. Until we go back it's very hard for us to even imagine it, it's more miraculous than anything we can make, believe, perform, or create on this side. I just don't think the human mind has the capacity to grasp it, even though at our deepest core we do indeed remember it.

People have fears.
They've heard about going into the Light and want to know, does it hurt walking into the Light? Do we lose our memories? Is everything there that we had before?

What I've heard from souls on the Other Side is that when we die we leave our bodies behind, sort of like a floating process. It is a 'gravitation' toward the Light. There's a feeling of anticipation - maybe a little fear, but more anticipation.

Nothing is forgotten. In fact, whereas now we can remember only some highlights of our past, over there we remember every single moment and detail. Everything we knew, loved or experienced.

There is a period of transition, a time we get to reflect on our lives -- I don't feel that this is standardized in any way, it's different from individual to individual.

The true beauty of the Light (God) is that it is total harmony. Here on earth we can spend a lifetime struggling and we don't realize that we have an effect on others. It is like being in the dark but when we get over there, we get a clear view of the effect we had on others here on earth.

I have never had a soul tell me they are sorry they left. Maybe they are not entirely happy about the circumstances of their crossing, but that's something different --they don't want those they've left on this side to be upset and grieving their loss so deeply. If they left someone suffering or left someone feeling guilty, they are sorry for this.

Remember, we are not of this physical world. Ultimately we belong to the larger universe that is God. We're here in this small part of the universe to study and learn and have certain experiences that only the physical world can offer. Dying and being on the Other Side is like a summer vacation from this physical world. It's a rare child who will say that she wishes she could go back to school before September, and likewise I've never heard a soul express the wish to go back before it's her time to reincarnate. Once they are on the Other Side, they understand the journey they've just completed. They love us still. Their love lasts through eternity. But the Other Side is paradise and unlimited and they don't need to come back into physical form to be with us.
-submitted by Marsha Abbott

Part 2 contains Concetta's answers to the questions: Why would someone have a short life? Do the living have certain illnesses to teach us certain lessons? Do we have a choice in who our parents will be before we are born?

*Note: These are the opinions of medium Concetta Bertoldi (pictured). She consults regularly with member os Britain's royal family, American celebrities, politicians, and others. Her practice has a two-year waiting list. She lives in New Jersey with her husband.

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